Newington Car Maintenance

When it comes to your car, you want professionals that understand your vehicle and its history. Major chains treat it like every other car that comes through, and you find yourself wondering if you’re being overcharged for basic maintenance.

Located just north of Newington, Sher’s Auto is known for our knowledgeable, professional approach. We treat every customer with honesty and respect, while our shop strives to provide excellent service and parts at a great value. After 65 years in business, always in Hartford, we’ve become known as the region’s one-stop location for car maintenance.

What can we offer you?

Standard Maintenance: We ensure your car always remains in tip-top shape. At your regular service checkups, we assist with:

  • Cleaning and improving the interior and exterior.
  • Addressing common tire and wheel issues
  • Checking and repairing the ignition, fuel injection, emission, electrical, and other important systems.
  • Performing engine diagnostics

Comprehensive Car Care: Let Sher’s Auto help you stay on top of regularly scheduled maintenance. In improving your car’s lifespan and reliability, we can:

  • Identify problems before they become serious maintenance issues.
  • Perform regularly scheduled maintenance procedures: changing oil and other fluids, checking oil, air, and fuel filters, checking your tires and spark plugs, and doing engine tune-ups.
  • Detailing

Tires & Brakes: Sher’s Auto is prepared to handle all makes and models in regards to brake checks and replacements, tire rotations, and adding new tires.

Superior service is just a short drive away. If you live in Newington and are about to hit a maintenance deadline, schedule your next service appointment with our team.